PZ - Project description

Topic: Coordination of the Research Unit and development of a conceptual model of paddy soil evolution.

PZ is responsible for coordinating the activities of the participating German research projects and for generating a conceptual model of paddy soil genesis. It supports the Research Unit by supervising joint research tasks (e.g., planning, organisation and documentation of sampling and joint experiments), and by organisation of meetings, scientific exchange and workshops. PZ will organise the joint sampling campaigns and will be responsible for cross-project, integrative evaluation of data. In this context, PZ will develop a conceptual model of paddy soil evolution based on the data obtained within the Research Unit. The model will delineate combinations of phases and timeframes for the main processes of paddy soil evolution, involving the different soil types investigated in the Research Unit. At the end of the second phase it will be possible to assess how far anthropogenic paddy management initiates and affects the main characteristics of these soils. The paddy soil evolution model will be referenced to the parent soil type.