P5 - Project description

Topic: Dynamics of microbial communities involved in carbon and nitrogen turnover during paddy soil evolution in relation to different soil types.

The aim of project P5 is to investigate the microbial communities involved in the degradation of polymers like cellulose or proteins in paddy soils. Therefore different paddy soils across south Asia should be studied and microbial communities involved in cellulose degradation and protein mineralization should be compared to upland soils from the same regions to describe biogeographical pattern of these functional communities typical for paddy soils. In addition the development of typical microbial communities involved in cellulose and protein degradation in paddy soils should be studied in a greenhouse experiment using a) upland soils and b) tidal wetland soils with no history in paddy cultivation as starting material. These two types of soil should be used for paddy cultivation and the development of typical functional community profiles as well as typical turnover rates should be studied using stable isotope labelled litter material. This project will help to link carbon and nitrogen profiles typical for paddy soils with their architects, microbes involved in the corresponding turnover processes.